Tick, tock, tick, tock.


It is almost 2am and I am still wide awake. It took only few minutes to realize why. I think maybe it’s because of my brain won’t stop talking to itself, reminiscing my embarrassing moments since 1999, or I can’t stop thinking about my crush, OR maybe because I’m HUNGRY?  My tummy seems to be in agreement with that thought. So I decided to finally get up from my bed, carefully not making any noise that would awake Mom.  As I am eating these sweet foods, I roam around the house, which is kinda ridiculous because my house is not that big. I just pace back and forth in our living room, disturb my pet from it’s peaceful sleep and play with him. When I was finally satisfied, I went back to my room, lay in my bed, and tried to concentrate in getting my sleep. Man, I TRIED.

What the heck? I checked my cellphone and says that it’s 3 am and I am STILL awake. Whhhyyyy? Oh, Oh. Oh. Uh-oh. Shoot. Oh no. This whole why-I-cant-breathe thing is here again. I realized what I’m doing for the past several hours. I didn’t realize that I was desperately grasping for air. Finding a way to go back to normal breathing, I sat up straight, remembering what my P.E elementary teacher said that  we need to straighten our back so we can breathe easily. So I did. Inhale, Exhale. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Heck. I’m panicking. “Lord”, I pray, “please, please, please let me sleep. I really want to sleep. I don’t wanna die. Not now, Lord please”.

And then I remember Cory Monteith’s sudden death. When I found out his death in my newsfeed, I was so shocked, and began to feel sad for that young, handsome actor. Like, he’s so young to be dead, you know what I mean? At age of 31, he can accomplish so much more in his career for the next couple of years. And now what? All his dreams, and hope had finally disappeared like a bubble. And I was suddenly scared. What if I died tonight? Okay. Maybe that was exaggerating and awful, but who knows? I bet Cory didn’t expect what will happen to him. He was just  going back to his hotel to sleep, for crying out loud. But what about ME? I mean, I have goals, and dreams, and even a bucket of list what will I do before I die, and I still didn’t accomplish a single post. How sad. And there’s some thought that occurred to me that night.

No matter how cliche this might sound, but everyone should cherish every moment, every second that will pass in our lives. We should not let a day pass that we didn’t do anything that is meaningful, important, and accomplish at least one mission in our list. You see, many teenagers who are living the life of “YOLO”, they don’t realize the time they’re wasting. Not only time, but also the opportunity to make themselves better. Because that’s the thing in life that I think is unfair, we don’t know when we will die. And when that time comes, there’s no more second chance of living. Unless if you believe in zombies..

I don’t know how I slept that night. All I know as I face a new day, is to make the most everything I have, take the opportunities as much as I can get, and of course, exhaust myself from serving other people and most especially, God.

3 thoughts on “Tick, tock, tick, tock.

  1. Wow…thats a very great piece of writing…You should keep writing 🙂

    And about Cory, I felt the same, at first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in my newsfeed so I specifically went to google to check it out…Its so sad…I was listening to his GLEE songs the other day and i felt so sad for him. It was like he was right here on glee and then the other day he’s gone, he won’t be here anymore.

    I like your take on this whole situation….keep writing… I LOVED IT ❤

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